Creating Your Website

This time my post is going to be short and sweet. It is evident that attention spans are brief these days! 

I hired an internet marketer to develop and publish my site. It was supposed to be up today, but of course I did not know that the ‘ftp’ devils were lurking! If your designer does not have ‘ftp’ access to your site, they cannot upload the beautiful pages the designer and internet marketer have created for you. I use Yahoo! as my domain host. Go to small business site on Yahoo!, click on ‘Business Control Panel’, choose ‘web hosting control panel’, then ‘password’ tab; create a new user for the web designer to upload the pages she has created for your website and then voila!!! Your pages are published to your domain. I thought I was going to practice law, but along the way I learned to be a web techie, an internet surfer and all around geek.

See you in my next post.

Nalini S Mahadevan, JD, MBA

Attorney at Law

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.

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