What happens when the Government asks to inspect Forms I-9?

The government asks an employer for Forms I-9 in order to verify and identify the employer employees. There are several steps in the process of an inspection on Form I-9.

First, either officials from the Department of Justice, the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices, or the Department of Labor will inspect an employer‘s Forms I-9. Typically a written Notice of Inspection (NOI) will be sent to the employer three days prior to the inspection, via U.S. mail. However, officials may opt out of giving the employer any notice, instead using subpoenas and warrants to acquire the employer‘s Forms I-9.

Officials commonly choose where inspections will occur. An officials might require the employer to bring Forms I-9 to an ICE Field Office. Sometimes an inspection will be conducted where the forms are stored.

The five general steps to an inspection as follows:
1. Notice of Inspection (NOI)
As described earlier, a written NOI is sent to the employer, giving him or her three days notice.
2. Obligation to make records available
At the time of inspection, all Forms I-9 and attachments must be available at the location where the inspection was requested.
3. Recruiters or referrers
A recruiter or referrer for a fee, who has designated an employer to complete the employment verification procedures, may present a photocopy of Forms I-9 and attachments instead of presenting Forms I-9 and attachments in its original form.
4. Compliance with inspection
Employers who refuse to present Forms I-9 will be in violation of law.
5. Use of subpoena authority
An officer may be forced to attain Forms I-9 and attachments by issuing a subpoena if the employer has not complied with a previous request to present Forms I-9.

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