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In 2011, TSA partnered with US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to create an expedited screening program called the Global Entry Program. The initiative was developed in order to aid TSA in targeting high-risk passengers who posed a risk to national security.

Only American Airlines and Delta currently participate in Global Entry. At participating airports, travelers use Global Entry kiosks and scan passports or US permanent resident cards. Then travelers place their fingertips on the scanner for fingerprint verification and make a customs declaration. The kiosk prints a transaction receipt and directs the participant to baggage claim and the exit. Participants may also have the benefit of not removing their shoes and keeping their carry-on bag; leaving their laptop in bag; and leaving on light jackets and belts.

Who is eligible?

US citizens, lawful permanent residents, Dutch citizens and Mexican nationals may apply for Global Entry. Canadians NEXUS members may also apply.

However, there are many reasons for Global Entry ineligibility: if the applicant presents false or incomplete information; if the applicant has been convicted of, or has pending, criminal charges or outstanding warrants; and if the applicant has been found in violation of any customs, immigration or agriculture laws. Also if the applicant is part of an ongoing investigation by any law enforcement agency; if the applicant is unable to enter the US under immigration regulation; and if the applicant cannot prove low-risk status to CBP.

Providing false information could cause you to lose any US benefits you may be eligible to receive under US immigration laws.

Applicants can apply for the Global Entry Program electronically through the Global On-line Enrollment System (GOES) application. After CBP reviews an application, applicants will be able to schedule their interview through their GOES account; interviews are typically done at a participating airport. The fee for processing the application is $100. There are five parts to the application: personal information; address history for the past five years; employment history for the past five years; additional information and eligibility questions; and certification.

Applicants must present a valid US passport and one other form of identification during the interview. Permanent US residents must provide a valid permanent resident card and one other form of identification that shows residency. An applicant will be interviewed to determine admissibility; identity, proof of citizenship, permanent resident card and travel documents are also used to verify and finalize eligibility requirements for membership. Applicants are required to submit themselves to biometrics–a photograph of the applicant’s face and electronic capture of their fingerprints, which will be used at the kiosk to verify Global Entry membership.

This program is not an entitlement–members are always subject to unpredictable screenings and random examination.

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Immigration Attorney

Tara Mahadevan

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