Highly Skilled Immigrants in the US

Texas Senator John Cornyn recently introduced the “Securing the Talent America Requires for the 21st Century”, or STAR Act.

What is STAR?

In the STAR Act, employment-based immigrants, who have studied in US universities, would be given precedence. Prioritizing these immigrants would help rectify and alleviate the US’s strained employment-based system, while providing incentive to foreign graduate students in STEM fields—or science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STAR Act allows foreign students to keep their skills in the US, instead of forcing them to leave America and essentially compete abroad.

Start-Up Act 2.0

Another immigration bill, called the Start-up Act 2.0, has been introduced to the Senate that would establish new visas to entice and maintain immigrants skilled in the STEM fields.

The Start-up Act would create two new visas: the first visa would allow foreign students with STEM graduate degrees to acquire permanent residency if they continue to work in the STEM fields for five years. The second visa would be for employment-based immigrants who are entrepreneurs, and desire to begin a US business that will employ Americans, and increase US capital.

The Start-up Act also incorporates helpful tax incentives for start-ups, and helps universities bring research to fruition.

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