Repeat Clients

Competition is a fact of life. So what makes you different? What distinguishes your product or service? In this down economy, one should communicate hope, optimism and easy access. For instance, I have clients overseas for whom I am filing applications here in the US. Anxiety is high with long wait times for approval of their applications. So my thing is to manage these anxieties by being accessible using e-mail and voicemail. I return very promptly all calls and e-mails, and I am available to return overseas calls. My voicemail lets the client know their message is important to me. I try not to promise the moon and stars; I try to be honest about their chances of success, and to follow through on my promises. Having said all these things, I recently answered an e-mail after 2 weeks. Mainly because I did not have the information and secondly, in the avalanche of work, I lost sight of the need to answer promptly. I began by apologizing to the client, “I apologize for not replying earlier”. No reason given, just an apology. My clients want to know that they, and their situation, are important to us. So, I try to greet the client by name, and preview their file so that I can be certain of the details of their file. I send new year greetings and birthday greetings to them. If this becomes expensive, call or send a greeting by e-mail. Repeat clients are always the best!

See you in my next post.

Nalini S Mahadevan, JD, MBA

Attorney at Law

Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.

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