Trafficked Men Awarded $14 Million

I always thought that it was women who had to be wary of being lured into unsavory and inhumane working conditions.  But men should also beware of an offer too good to be true.  They were promised green cards and entered the US on H2B visas that do not lead to a green card.  500 Indian workers were lured by Sachin Dewan, an India based recruiter to work in a ship repair yard in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.  They were represented by a US lawyer.

They lived in labor camps under inhumane conditions, 24 to a trailer, where according to reports the company prayed that there would no federal government inspections.  To top it off, each paid $1050 per month to live there and were not allowed to live off campus! Each paid $10,000 to $20,000 to the recruiter, so the men were in debt up to their eyeballs!

ACLU and several law firms contributed their services pro bono. 5 men were awarded $14 million in damages.  Of course the company Signal International has appealed the award.  Cases for about 200 have been filed.

Nalini Mahadevan

Caveat:  Not intended as legal advice!

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