Afraid you won’t make the H-1B cap?

  • Prepare now.  If you are a student, on F-1 visa, enroll in college for initial or subsequent Degree programs
  • If you are from a Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor Country, start a business to become eligible for an E-1 or E-2 visa
  • If you are a citizen of Canada or Mexico, change status to a TN visa
  • If you are a spouse of an employee, you may be eligible for a work permit, under current regulations and when regulations under Obama’s executive order are issued.
  • There are H-3, J-1, B-1 in lieu of H-3 visas available for persons who qualify
  • If you have outstanding achievements in the science, arts, education, business or athletics, you could be eligible for an O-1 visa.

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This blog is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship. The information contained is strictly for information purposes only.

Nalini S. Mahadevan, JD, MBA

Attorney at Law

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