Feng Shui for Your Office

Did you read the blog on CNN.com on Feng Shui? This is the Chinese art of placing objects in a space to maximize good energy and promote profits. The Indians have a similar art of directing energy in spaces called “Vasthu”. Most comments attacked the concept. My take is if it helps put you in a good space and helps your business, why not? I have arranged my office based on these ancient principles, and see an increase in revenue. Vasthu says place your desk facing north. Feng Shui wants the placement not to be in front of a door, where energy flows out of the space and you. My desk faces north and is away from the door. My computer is in the south and my furniture is placed around the room. Feng Shui does not want any heavy object placed in the East, so my filing cabinets face the West. The downside is that every so called expert tells you something different. So I have adapted these principles to my own use and convenience. Office furniture arrangement affects how employees interact. That is one of the principles of organizational behavior. Walls reduce interaction and open spaces promote camaraderie. Think about it. Let us Feng Shui or Vasthu.

See you in my next post.

Nalini S Mahadevan, JD, MBA

Attorney at Law


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