Midterm Elections Issue: Immigration

Midterm elections are next week; the hot-ticket issue this time around is immigration reform, which has proved to be a very explosive issue for both political parties. President Obama has decided that he will take immigration reform head-on only after midterm elections are over.

The political pundits say the Republicans are slated to win both House and Senate.  Either way, immigration reform will happen whether Republicans or Democrats retain the Senate or House.

If the Republicans win the Senate, then they have to do something to woo the immigrant vote, which is 10% Latino. South Asians and Southeast Asians have also increased their voting numbers. Both these populations want immigration reform to happen because they all have family or friends who may benefit. American business needs tech workers in both healthcare and business. If the Democrats win, Obama will preserve the immigrant vote by executing immigration reform by Executive Order, increasing the number of H1B visas and giving H4 visa holders employment authorization like he did for ‘dreamers.’

Under Republican leadership, the US could increase border security with a virtual wall, and create more visas for H2B and H1B because of the demand and because it is cheaper to monitor the visa issue rather than spend billions on border security, which is found to be full of holes (pun unintended!).

Immigration reform is on its way!

See you in my next blog.

Nalini S Mahadevan, JD, MBA
Immigration Attorney St. Louis, Missouri


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